Effective January 1, 2018

Internet for Everybody Only

At Click1, we work tirelessly to provide you with consistent, high-speed Internet as well as real Broadband Services.  With a fiber rich plant, we can rival fiber-to-the-home speeds and  service. We work with our partners to make sure we have the equipment that best keeps you connected. Our speeds range from 1.544Mb - 1Gig for residential customers and up to 10Gigs of connectivity for businesses. We can cater to whatever your unique needs may be! We can make recommendations on speeds based on your usage patterns, number of devices, etc. 

Faster Speeds, Lower Prices!

With our new and exclusive pricing model, we offer a package for everyone. At Click1, we understand how important the Internet is to your life. With this in mind, we are committed to helping you stay connected with speeds and prices that fit your unique needs. Double your speed for just $10, or less, more per month.

Internet Only Accounts

Welcome at any level of service, from $15 to $69.95 per month.

LIFELINE T1 is 1.544 MB. Paying homage to the 90's data speed and price pinnacle, the T1.  Today a T1  is our lowest priced product ...just $ 5 - $15.** . Email, check the weather.Get around the web...on the cheap!

ECONOMY 3MB is our entry level Internet access for customer's with 1-2 connections who want simple connectivity.

BASIC 6MB offers superior value. Minimal Video Streaming, NETFLIX for 1 .

BASIC 12MB is our standard service which is good for 1-3 connections. Priced similar to  " The Phone Company's "  DSL, but better... way better. You actually get the speed for which you pay. NETFLIX and Video Streaming with ease.

BROADBAND 25MB now includes FREE Whole Home WiFi and offers connections for 3-5 multiple devices. NETFLIX with ease + Faster Facebook uploads. Steady and inexpensive surfing.  Our latest VALUE proposition! Add TV and get this for just $ 39.95 per month.

BROADBAND 50MB: The new standard in speed and convenience. Enough Speed for your entire family and all their devices. Whole Home WiFi is FREE. Add TV and get this for just $ 49.95 per month.

BROADBAND LIGHTNING  100 MB: Cooking with Gas.

Our Killer Value. For users who demand the most from their internet connection. An EXTREME BROADBAND CONNECTION to connect all your homes' devices. Favorably priced w/ FREE WHOLE HOME WiFi . Add TV and save another $ 10 per month = $ 59.95 per month!

QUANTUM : new  and Coming Soon                        (tba )

Add Whole Home WiFi and get the new Arris DG2470 modem installed for only 10 monthly payments of $ 4.99. No other installation charges!

Cable TV

Our video service is advancing and we expect some major upgrades over the next year.  Watch TV Everywhere gives our customers a way keep up with their favorite shows, movies, and sports from any device on nearly 60 networks. Basic Cable provide 68 Standard Definition channels including access to the 5 local broadcast channels.

LOCAL BROADCAST CHANNELS: The Local ABC, CBS ( 2 ) , NBC and FOX network affiliate stations now charge lots of money for their channels which were previously free. Due to their eGregious rates and our desire for transparency, we now put their rates on our bills.

With over 40 years of experience in cable TV, Click1 provides a knowledgeable, friendly and local solution for your TV and video needs. 

Digital Cable

If you want the best viewing experience, digital cable is for you. Receive more channels, get HD channels included, and access our paid movie channels. When you opt for digital cable, we offer an additional 72 SD channels including the STARZ ENCORE channels. It does, however, require a digital box. Depending on your needs, we have the solution for you: standard, HD, or DVR. If you are looking for High Definition TV, we offer 53 HD channels that only require an upgrade to an HD box. 

Our box offerings are pretty simple:
Standard Digital Boxes are now FREE. This boxgives you Electronic  Program Guide, Stingray Music channels and PPV options.
HD will give you what it suggests: High Definition channels. 
HD/DVR allows you to record your favorite shows for later.

Our DVR has always been  favorably priced at just $ 10 per month (Compared to $22 in other systems).

In addition, we offer HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ Pay channels for an additional monthly charge.

Watch TV Everywhere

Get access to all of your favorite channels and shows on any device whenever you want! Watch TV Everywhere brings your TV experience to any of your mobile devices. And, it's FREE with your Click1 Cable TV service. That's 58 of your favorite Networks at your fingertips whenever you want to stream. 

Double Play

Customers who choose a double play bundle receive a significant discount.

Lifeline, Basic and Digital TV customers receive a $10.00 per month discount when adding any level of Internet access. Lifeline Internet access (1MB) is FREE to LIFELINE TV, Basic TV or Digital TV subscribers!

Pay Channels

HBO, STARZ, CINEMAX, & SHOWTIME offer some of the best shows, movies, and documentaries available on cable television. 

It's up to you which channels best suit your unique interests. We have them all. For an extra $10.00-$20.00 per month you can access whichever channels pique your interest. For $53.50 per month you can receive all 43 channels plus their HD counterparts. 

Just give us a call when you're ready to start your battle with Game of Thrones, or access the newest movies with STARZ. We'll get you set up. 

Installation & Repairs

If you have any new installation needs or repairs caused by some accident, we can get you fixed up. Our technicians and installers are trained to the highest industry standards. 

All prices, with the exception of Installation/repair, are monthly rates. Rates are subject to change. Please call 784-5000 to talk to a customer service representative regarding new service or upgrades.